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Untamed and intact, the east of Reunion Island is the perfect reflection of the biodiversity that the island harbors. The abundance of water has helped shape its incredible landscapes. Come admire this lush nature and dive into one of the many pools in the region.

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Thursday 01 feb. 2024
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Live concert Olivier Brique

in La Plaine-des-Palmistes
Wednesday 15 Nov 2023

Dipavali 2024

From Wednesday 15 November to Sunday 19 November 2023 in Saint-André
Friday 03 May 2024

The Bras-Panon 2024 agricultural fair

From Friday 03 May to Sunday 12 May 2024 in Bras Panon
Friday 28 June 2024

The favorite party 2024 in Salazie

From Friday 28 June to Sunday 30 June 2024 in Salazie
Friday 14 June 2024

Guava Festival 2024

From Friday 14 June to Sunday 16 June 2024 at The Plain of Palmists
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Piton de la Fournaise

The Piton de la Fournaise, an exceptional spectacle, breathtaking beauty, an undeniable power of nature. The Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world Located in the south-east of Reunion, the Piton de la Fournaise is certainly the most remarkable site on the island and a tourist attraction…

The Anse of the waterfalls in Sainte-Rose

The Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose is a veritable green setting. This beautiful cove is home to a typical fishing port and many small waterfalls. L'Anse des cascades But where does this fresh water come from, which ends up in the Indian Ocean? Because when you pass on the road above, no river! Again…

The Church of Notre Dame des Laves in Sainte-Rose

The church of Notre Dame des Laves, at the start of the Route des Laves. Place of worship, the church of Piton Sainte-Rose in the town of Sainte-Rose, built in 1927, was miraculously spared during the eruption. outside the enclosure on April 8, 1977 and since then renamed Notre Dame des Laves. The staircase that leads to the entrance of the church has…

Bebour Forest

The forest of Bébour is easily accessible. It is made up of high altitude vegetation characterized by the tortuous trunks of tamarinds which are reminiscent of the landscapes of the "Lord of the Rings". Primary forest of Bébour Covering an area of ​​6 ha, this forest, by its exceptional state of conservation and by its layering (until…

Church of Saint Anne

Rendezvous with art and religion in this atypical place steeped in history The Church of Sainte-Anne, a listed monument The magnificent Church of Sainte-Anne, a true architectural masterpiece, recalls the Baroque style of the European cathedrals with its cement moldings and gargoyles. Registered on the list of historical monuments for the small adjoining Sainte-Thérèse chapel, it…

Piton d'Anchaing in Salazie

In addition to the fact that the Piton d'Anchaing is a must in Salazie, it also offers the possibility of hiking there. Piton d'Anchaing in Salazie So, what can you say about the Piton d'Anchaing in Salazie?... Come on! we will start at the beginning: Piton. In Reunion, a Piton is an eruptive cone.…

Veil of the Bride in Salazie

The Veil of the Bride at Salazie is a splendid waterfall. A must when you "go up" to Hell-Bourg. The Veil of the Bride Essential when you "climb" to Hell-Bourg, this splendid waterfall owes its name to the visual effect produced by its long vaporous waterfalls when the flow is high. The legend Another legend…

Creeper Plain Forest (Eden)

At the end of the road that leads to the heights, in Bras Panon, is "Eden" Eden in Bras-Panon At the end of the road that leads to the heights, in Bras Panon, is "Eden" 'Eden'. Like the real thing, I guess, the road to it is very winding,…

The Pandanaie at the Plaine des Palmistes

The Pandanaie is an exceptional natural space. A marshy area, it is home to endemic species, both fauna and flora. It is also very fragile so now is the time to come and discover it... La Pandanaie des Hauts Located on the road to the plains between the Plaine des Palmistes and Saint-Benoît, the Pandanaie is home to lush vegetation dominated…

Parc du Colossus in Saint-André

The Parc du Colosse in Saint-André is a large leisure area in Saint-André. It is equipped with many infrastructures for young and old. Skate-park, basketball/football field, playgrounds for children, many kiosks, water jets, large green expanses. For the record, the park takes its name from a…

Panon arm

Bras Panon: Between vanilla groves, rivers and primary forests. Located 20 minutes from Saint-Denis, on the east coast of Reunion Island, Bras-Panon is known for its vanilla and for fishing for bichiques, a sort of “Reunion caviar”, which has become extremely rare. Vanilla Capital of the East The 8 hectares of…


Salazie is located in the center of the island, northeast of Piton des Neiges, in the natural circus of the same name. The whole of the municipal territory is in the Hauts. This explains Salazie's motto: "At the heart of the island radiates". Salazie Accessible by a single road, the cirque of Salazie emerges almost spontaneously, at the mouth of the gorges of…


The town of Saint-André is located in the northeast of the island, between the Saint-Jean river and the Mât river. Close to Saint-Denis, it only takes about twenty minutes to get there by car. It is among other things thanks to this proximity to the capital that it has become the most populated municipality in the East and…

St. Benedict

Saint-Benoît is the second largest municipality in Reunion with its 38 inhabitants and its area of ​​000 ha, slightly more than half of which is located in the heart of the National Park. Saint-Benoît Here the precipitation has sculpted a particular relief. Thanks to its basins, waterfalls, primary forests but also its…


The town of Sainte-Rose is located in the east of Reunion Island. It is bordered to the north by the commune of Saint-Benoît and La Plaine des Palmistes, to the west by Le Tampon and Saint-Joseph, to the south by Saint-Philippe and to the east by the Indian Ocean, Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most…

The Palmist Plain

La Plaine-des-Palmistes, 20 minutes by car from Saint-Benoît, is a haven of peace in the east of Reunion. The town is located on the only cross-road of the island, which makes it possible to join the North to the South when the Coastal Road is closed. Taking this winding road is already exotic, as…

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