You will find here the agenda of events in the 6 municipalities of the East, Saint-André, Bras-Panon, St. Benedict, Sainte-rose, Salazia and Plain of the Palmists.

At the end of the page, we offer you the highlights of the East, the Bras-Panon Agricultural Fair, the Dipavali, the various municipal festivals...

Upcoming events

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01 february 30 June 2024

Bisik program in Saint-Benoît

18 June 29 June 2024

Music festival in Saint-André

Le 29 June 2024

Live concert Olivier Brique

Le 14 July 2024

National Day in Saint-Benoît

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Major events

03 May 12 May 2024

The Bras-Panon 2024 agricultural fair

The Bras-Panon agricultural fair is organized every year in May in 2024 and will take place from May 3 to 12, 2024. It brings together a good number of farmers, agricultural producers, more than 1 animals, as well as artisans. The party wouldn’t be complete without all the entertainment for the little ones…
14 June 16 June 2024

Guava Festival 2024

The Palmist Plain
The 2024 guava festival, celebrated each year at Plaine Des Palmistes on Reunion Island, is a real event for lovers of this emblematic red fruit from the east of the island. The program for the Guava Festival 2024 GUAVA DESSERTS COMPETITION Notice to amateur pastry chefs: as part of…
26 July 28 July 2024

The favorite party 2024 in Salazie

The 2024 darling party in Salazie. In Reunion, there are many festivals highlighting local products. In Salazie, it is in the magnificent little village of Hell-Bourg that the darling is celebrated every year. Come to Hell-Bourg from July 26 to 28 for the 19th edition of the Chouchou Festival, organized by the City…
15 November 19 November 2023

Dipavali 2024

Dipavali 2024. Dipavali, also known as diwali or deepavali, commemorates Rama's return to Ayodhya and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is also the occasion of a big party in Saint-André, in the east of Reunion. This event takes place according to the Hindu lunar calendar in which…

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