14 ideas to cool off in the East when it's hot. During the austral summer the temperature can climb at high speed. Moreover, it is the months of February and March which are the hottest months on the island of Reunion. And the heat can be even more overwhelming after the rain, since the vapors rise from the ground and considerably increase the temperature. Rather than taking refuge in your air-conditioned room, doing nothing, enjoy activities adapted to high temperatures.

14 ideas to cool off.Holidays in the East - Tourist hiking in Salazie mountain and forest landscape

14 ideas to refresh yourself

There are a multitude of things to do in the East, so as not to suffer too much from the heat. Scootering in the forest, canyoning in the rivers of the East or even visiting museums: here are 14 ideas for activities to do when it's too hot in Reunion. We guarantee it: the austral summer will not have your skin! February is also the month of Valentine's Day. Check out our special article “romantic getaway in the East”, if you need some ideas to prepare it well.

1. Colossus Park in Saint-André

Located by the sea, the Colossus Park offers shaded corners to shelter from the sun. However, we advise you to book your pitch early in the morning, to be sure of being in the ideal place. You can come with your picnic or order meals and snacks from the merchants on site.
In addition to the playgrounds, water games and skate park, the Colosse also offers a seawater swimming pool.

Practical info +

The park is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. and Monday from 12:00 p.m. to 18:00 p.m. The swimming pool is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 17:45 p.m., 5€ per person.


And to end your day at the Parc du Colosse, Ô bistro du Colosse offers you a tapas formula to share with your loved ones. Discover your formula and book it online by clicking here! 

The trick of the péi guide

As long as you are in Saint-André, you can visit a Hindu Temple with a guide who will invite you to discover one of the most practiced cults on the island, brought by Indian laborers in the XNUMXth century. An enriching visit not to be missed.

For the guided tour of the Temple of the Colossus, click here!

And for the guided tour of the Maryen Péroumal temple, it's here! 


14 ideas to cool off. Children's games in the shape of flowers at the Parc du Colosse in Saint-Andrée
14 ideas to cool off: Guide with hikers Sainte-Rose lava tunnels

2. The Lava Tunnels at Sainte-Rose

When it's hot on earth... the ideal is to take refuge underground, and visit the lava tunnels of Piton de la Fournaise ! It is well known, in the bowels of the earth, sheltered from light, the temperature is constant all year round and the air is rather cool. The lava tunnels of Sainte-rose are a must that it will be all the more pleasant to visit during the austral summer, with a guide of course. Indeed, do not take the risk of getting lost in this maze of cavities, plunged into darkness.

3. Takamaka Valley

Climb to the heights of St. Benedict, direction the point of view of Takamaka. On the road, you will come across the Grande Ravine waterfall, as well as a picnic area and games. Arrived at the point of view, you can descend towards the waterfalls by several small paths.

The trick of the péi guide

You will no doubt notice on the road stopped cars, with their occupants filling water bottles directly from the source. Takamaka's water is reputed to be one of the best on the island. So, you too, stop off to take a sip of very cold water, directly at the source!


14 ideas to refresh yourself: Takamaka
Location for bichique fishing on the banks of the Rivière des Roches in Bras-Panon

4. The banks of the Rivière du Mât in Bras-Panon

It's so nice to walk along the side of the cliff (being careful of course). Young and old alike will enjoy! The banks of the Rivière du Mât in Bras-Panon are an ideal site for walking, chilling, doing sports, etc. Several kiosks and games for children are distributed in a well shaded area.

5. Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose

A veritable haven of greenery by the sea, it is also home to a typical fishing port and numerous waterfalls. In the shade of the palm trees, enjoy the sea air. It is possible to eat on site, in one of the snack bars or restaurant.

The trick of the péi guide

Children will be able to flourish with their scooters. It is an ideal place for a picnic, to have a good time with family or friends.


14 ideas to cool off: View of the waterfalls of Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose
View of the waterfalls of Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose

6. The old thermal baths in Salazie

You can also go down to Old thermal baths of Hell-Bourg. You will have the opportunity to shelter from the sun at the edge of a small river. The atmosphere there is particularly peaceful.

The trick of the péi guide

Before or after the Old Baths, you can do the Circuit of Creole huts with a guide, who will show you around the village of Hell-Bourg with passion.


7. Îlet Bethléem in Saint-Benoît

Îlet Bethléem is an island of freshness and calm in the heart of St. Benedict. You can bask on the banks of the Rivière des Marsouins, take a walk, enjoy the good weather sheltered from the Reunion sun, and above all dip your feet in the pools while watching the kayaks and rafts pass by.

The trick of the péi guide

You can take a guided walk that will culminate in a fruity aperitif with Geoffrey who will have a lot to tell you about Îlet Bethléem.


Bethlehem Islet
Forest of Bébour to the plain of palm trees along the road

8. The Forest of Bébour in Saint-Benoît

Bebour is an easily accessible primary forest. It is made up of high altitude vegetation characterized by the tortuous trunks of tamarinds, which are reminiscent of the landscapes of the “Lord of the Rings”. In this often dense forest, in the shade of the trees, you lose a few precious degrees, and you can really disconnect.

The trick of the péi guide

By paying attention to endemic trees (click here to recognize them) you could install a hammock in the ideal location. Enjoy a family rest or a swing for the little ones, or even as a couple. You can also discover this beautiful forest by electric mountain bike.


9. The visit of the Museum of Music and Instruments of the Indian Ocean in Salazie


This museum located at Hell-Bourg has a rich collection of 1 popular, precious and unusual instruments. The visit is done in the cool, and it is a real musical journey, to discover the countries and music that have influenced Reunionese music in particular.
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 00 p.m., full price €18 Reduced price €00.

Maison Morange (La) - Museum of Music and Instruments of the Indian Ocean
Eden forest in Bras-Panon

10. The tops of Bras-Panon

As you gain altitude, the temperatures will be milder, and the vegetation more luxuriant. You can roll upEden, then leave your vehicle to finish the walk, and admire a panoramic view of the east side.

11. The Pandanaie at the Plaine des Palmistes

Walking in the Hauts de La Réunion is one of the first things to do when it's very hot. Pandanaia is located at the entrance to the village of Plain of the Palmists, it is home to lush vegetation dominated by the Pimpin des Hauts, yet another world exception!

The Pandanaie at the Plaine des Palmistes
Rafting in the Porpoise River with Rando Aqua Réunion
Corine Tellier

12. Rafting and aquatic canyoning

If the conditions allow it, what could be better than a ride on a river, to the rhythm of the rapids. As it is Rafting, it will also be a fun ride. Ideal for the whole family and FYI, you can only go rafting on the island at St. Benedict. One more
“excluded” from the East Coast! And for those who would like to try a mix between hiking and swimming in the river, aquatic canyoning is for you. You have to like jumping in the water and the freshness of the
rivers will surely be lifesaving with this heat.

The trick of the péi guide

After your rafting or canyoning session, enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the restaurants on Coco Island, just to extend your relaxing moment by the river.


13. The forest of the Petite Plaine at the Plaine des Palmistes

This very well-appointed forest will allow you to have a good time in the cool with your family, as a couple or even revitalize yourself alone. Take advantage of this opportunity to come with your bikes and scooters because the place is ideal for that, which will certainly amuse the children. And then, AcroPlaine is not far, go and have a look!

Plain of palm trees

14. The National Park House at the Plaine des Palmistes

This visit will allow you to learn a whole lot of information on Reunion's fauna and flora, on the island's emblematic places and on the ways to preserve this exceptional natural heritage.

The trick of the péi guide

Make a stop at the Domaine des Tourelles, which is close to the Maison du Parc. The opportunity to visit this magnificent building, which showcases local craftsmanship. That way, you can buy souvenirs of your stay in the East!


*All 14 ideas for cooling off in the East are of course to be considered depending on the weather conditions at the time.



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