Forget the time of a weekend the beaches or the city centers and opt for a breath of fresh air and breathe in the East of Reunion.

Breathe in the East of Reunion. Coastal path or fishermen's path - Man facing the sea standing on the coast and hikers on the seaside

Breathe in the East

To feel your well-being increase with each breath, you have to be in the right place. The east of Reunion Island is full of ideal places to breathe clean air deep into your lungs. How about a long ride on the coastal path from the coast to the winds, or from a hike to Salazia or Plain of the Palmists etc. The possibilities are endless in the East.

You will find below some places or activities to do to enjoy and recharge your well-being “capital”. Click on the photos to access the good plans.

The east coast remains the most changeable: we pass from pebble beaches to jagged cliffs, from green sand beaches to piles of white coral (and yes! at Pointe Corail in Sainte-Rose!) basins where we can bathing (Bassin Bleu) to those where it is absolutely not necessary (Sainte-Rose coast) … But everywhere a constant! The meeting of land and ocean is an impressive spectacle that commands respect and admiration! and the sea air that we breathe in always reminds us that we are an island… sorry! THE ISLAND!

The East of Reunion is made up of 6 municipalities. Bras-Panon, The Palmist Plain, Saint-André, St. Benedict, Sainte-rose et Salazia.Communes overlooking the coast are Bras-Panon, Saint-André, Saint-Benoît and Sainte-Rose.



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