You may have noticed it, but in the East it does sometimes rain. So what? the rain should surely not force you to lock yourself up at home. In this article, we suggest things to do when it rains in the East of Reunion.

to do when it rains in the East

11 activities to do when it rains in the East

In the East, we are used to life going on despite a downpour. In this article, we suggest things to do in the East of Reunion… even when it “floats”. And if it's hot, no worries, here it is a compilation of what you can do to protect yourself from the heat.

Temple maryen peroumal


Visit a Tamil Temple

Take advantage of the gray weather to learn more about our Tamil brothers. It is a temple that we propose here to visit, the family and association temple Maryen Péroumal. Through this guided tour, you discover the history of the unique architecture of this temple.

Guided tour of the Maryen Péroumal temple

Coopérative Provanille à Bras-Panon


Visit and meal around vanilla

If you've always wanted to know everything about the famous Bourbon vanilla from Reunion, then we have the activities for you! Between guided tour of a cooperative de vanilla and tasting a delicious vanilla duck, you will have no more excuses.

Visit and meal around vanilla


A culinary workshop?

Discover the art of Reunion cuisine during a one-of-a-kind culinary workshop! Let's go for a gourmet and friendly experience where you can learn the secrets of the most delicious dishes of our island.


Discovery of Reunionese Creole cuisine

Massage main bien être au Lodge d’Eden à Bras-Panon


Welfare ? why not ?

On the one hand, the rain will chase away all that is negative and a good massage will only be more beneficial.

Eden's Lodge opens the doors of its Zen garden to you.

Located at Bras-Panon, far from the relative hustle and bustle of the city, this charming table and guest room offers various moments of relaxation and sweetness. Ideal for recharging your batteries, awakening your senses and letting go.

Moments of well-being at the Lodge of Eden

Maison Morange (La) - Musée des Musiques et Instruments de l'océan Indien


The museum


The museum, in gray weather, you will appreciate…
Opened in 2015 in the heart of the historic village ofHell-Bourg, the Morange House hosts the Indian Ocean Music Museum and welcomes the public to a 450 m² exhibition space, presenting the instruments, music and traditional cultures of the founding peoples of Reunion.

Maison Folio à Salazie façade case créole et jardin


The Folio House

As you went to the museum just before, you might as well visit thea Folio House…. It's not far and really complementary to discover the life of the heights. La Maison Folio, built in the XNUMXth century in the heart of the old spa town of Hell-Bourg. A journey through time in Salazie.

Guided tour of the Folio House

Domaine des Tourelles à la Plaine des Palmistes


The Domaine des Tourelles

To the Plain of the Palmists, The Domaine des Tourelles. You can't miss it. On your right as you go up, it dominates the road and the surrounding buildings. It now houses an Archipelago of Crafts around the theme of plants and for shopping, it's ideal. You can also visit the craftsmen installed all around. And in the alleys, let yourself be guided through the history of the Plaine des Palmistes.

Painting workshop

Parc National


The national park

Opposite the Domaine, the headquarters of the Réunion National Park. In addition to one of the offices of the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the East, you can discover a beautifully designed scenographic space to present you with a summary of Reunion from the point of view of Nature. Do not miss!

Eglise de Grand Ilet à Salazie


The Church of Grand Ilet

See  Grand Ilet and visit the Church ! You can't get lost when you go to Grand Ilet. It's always for a specific reason that we go there. And the church is a good one. Well listed in the Historic Monuments, it is really typical of Creole constructions and a real haven of peace in the small village. What is most surprising is that it holds up, upright, against winds and collapses! indeed, the surroundings are really unstable, and for proof, look at the old parish hall just in front! but the church is always straight!

Musicien sur scène au Café culturel Bisik à Saint-Benoît


Bisik Cultural Cafe

A complete program. It's raining ? Go for the Bisik Cultural Café in Saint-Benoît.

Façade de L'église de notre dame des Laves à Piton Sainte-Rose visite guidée


The Church of Notre Dame des Laves in Sainte-Rose

On the Route des Laves, at its beginning moreover, Our Lady of the Lava Church à Saint Rose. Built in 1927, it was miraculously spared during the eruption outside the enclosure on April 8, 1977. The lava flows tried to enter it, but they stopped at the entrance. The visit of the church will make you imagine the scene of the time. The church was even renamed Notre Dame des Laves.

Well-being in the hands of the experts

Let's forget our daily life and all our worries. Today, we put everything aside and take care of ourselves. For our physical and mental well-being and all that in the East of Reunion !
We have compiled things to see and do during your holidays and weekends to find more serene Mondays. As everywhere on the island, we have wellness centers, so you can relax alone or in pairs. Take advantage of your stay in the region to book your moment of relaxation.


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