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The 2023 favorite party in Salazie. In Reunion, there are many festivals honoring local products. AT Salazia, it is in the beautiful little village ofHell-Bourg that the darling is celebrated every year.

East side Reunion

Your Tourist Office, Côté Est Réunion, will be present throughout the festival from 9:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.

We will be able to advise you and guide you on everything you can do in the East of Reunion.

2023 scrunchie party poster

The favorite party, the program

Friday July 7 2023

Parade of the Salazie music school (CEAS).

Award ceremony for the culinary competition from 11 a.m. on the fairgrounds.
Line dancing with the Bois de Pomme youth association.
Ti Flo
Kazabwa Group and its guests.
Miss Salazie election.

Saturday July 8 2023

Reception of the 3rd youth clubs

Election of Miss Mamie Salazie and Competition for the best brèdes breaker and the best brèdes sorter on the fairgrounds.

Election Miss Mamie Chouchou

Salazel Group

Afternoon dancing with the Symphonic orchestra.

Rhythmic Ambiance Group.


Plateau “Sega dans la kaz”, Reunion/Mauritius Special.
Presented by Claudio with Hervé Imbert, Clara, Olivier Brique and Alain Ramanissum and the musicians of Family Groove.

Tray “Sound 974”
Algeric, Malcom and Khaledo, GTNN, Kaf Malbar.

Sunday, July 9 2023

Salazie music school show.

Surya Dance school of arts.

Committee of Miss India Reunion, parade of miss India Reunion 2023.

Mayaz Group

The Charlemagne brothers

Radio hook, hosted by Claudio and the Kadanse orchestra.
1st prize: Large screen LED TV
2nd prize: a Karaoke set
3rd prize: A Hifi system
from 4th to 10th prize: various gifts.

L'ambians live with Natacha Tortillard ek sonn band.


On the sidelines of the Feast

  • On Sunday July 9, guided tour of the exhibition on marronage with the Lolita Monga association
  • Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 all day: culinary workshops with tasting on the fairgrounds

First flight during the party

During the weekend of July 7 to 8, Mafate helicopter offers you a first flight from the Bois de pomme airfield.

The proposed route is as follows:
– Cave arm,
– Waterfall of the dog,
– White waterfall,
– Iron Hole

The price is 80€ per person

Information and reservations: 0692 408 400

The Eastern Tourist Office offers you

The Tourist Office, Côté Est Réunion, offers several activities to do during the Chouchou party, discover the program below:

The favorite party 2023 in Salazie

Just like the guava festival to the Plain of the Palmists, the chouchou festival is an event with a strong economic and agricultural character. It is also an opportunity to highlight the farmers who come to sell their production there and the craftsmen who share their know-how around this plant in terms of culinary and artisanal processing.

Every year the darling party is accompanied by a carnival as well as elections, concerts and entertainment.

Take advantage of being in Hell-bourg, to go to the offices of the Eastern Tourist Office, on the village square, our destination experts can advise you on hikes, walks or other visits to do in Salazie.

All about the chouchou

The Chouchou or the christophine

In Reunion, the chouchou or the christophine systematically evokes the circus of Salazie. And for good reason, it reigns supreme there and the climatic conditions seem ideal for its proliferation. Cultivated from the beginning of the XNUMXth century by farmers in search of new resources following the economic crisis affecting the island,…


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