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The agricultural fair of Bras-Panon, is organized every year in May. It brings together many farmers, agricultural producers, more than 1 animals, as well as craftsmen. The party would not be complete without all the entertainment for young and old.

The information and photos in this article correspond to the Foire de Bras-Panon 2023.

In 2023 the theme of the fair was, Our Earth, Mother Mother.

Bras-Panon 2023 agricultural fair poster

In 2023, the 44th Bras-Panon Fair attracted 150 visitors.

Each year the largest farm on the island attracts approximately 200 visitors from all over Reunion Island.
Major concerts are organized every evening as well as culinary competitions during which the participants will have the challenge of competing by cooking Péi products. In summary, the fair is an event that counts every year in theEast of Reunion.


During the Fair, on the stand of the Est Tourist Office, we offer virtual tours with an augmented reality headset.

Program of the Bras-Panon Fair 2023

You will find below the program of the Foire de Bras-Panon 2023. This year a great local artistic program, to enchant us and make us dance. The concerts of the Bras-Panon Fair 2023.

List of concerts at the Bras-Panon Fair 2023

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Friday, May 12th, 2023

at 19:30 p.m.

  • Aissa,
  • Lucy,
  • SegaEl,
  • Wendy indian dance

Saturday 13 May 2023

Maloya evening / World music

  • 20:00 p.m. Davy Sicard
  • 21:30 p.m. Lindigo and guests

Sunday, May 14, 2023

14:00 p.m. Radio hook

Zarbutan evening

  • 20:00 p.m. Benjamin
  • 21:30 p.m. Ziskakan

Monday 15 May 2023

Urban / Roots fusion

  • 20:00 p.m. Maya Kamati
  • 21:30 p.m. Kaf Malbar

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Fanm an lèr

  • 20:00 p.m. Gwendoline Absalon
  • 21:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Fanm an lèr

  • 18:30 p.m. Yango Roots sings Bob Marley
  • 20:00 p.m. Kom Zot
  • 21:45 p.m.Natty Dread

Thursday, May 18, 2023

974 Vibes

20:00 p.m. Presented by Featxela MC

  • DJ Dan Wayo
  • Alazan to
  • Nicko Real Lion
  • Liljooe
  • Lea Churros

Friday, May 19th, 2023

Nasyon Maloya

  • 19:00 p.m. Melanz Gayar
  • 20:00 p.m. Loran Dalo
  • 21:30 p.m. Danyel Waro

Saturday 20 May 2023

Comedy evening

  • 20:00 p.m. Lorkes Bann Dalon
  • 21:30 p.m. Marie Alice Sinaman “The best of” guest Erick Fleuris and Wilfrid Thémyr

Sunday, May 21, 2023

14:00 p.m. Radio hook final

Indian Ocean evening

  • 19:00 p.m.
  • 20:00 p.m. Clara
  • 21:00 p.m. Désiré François and Cassiya

Culinary competition 2023 of the Bras-Panon Agricultural Fair

Culinary competitions are organized, during which the participants will have the challenge of competing in the kitchen with péi products. See competition details below.

For more information and for registration: 0262 47 39 75 or by email: [email protected]

Culinary events at the Foire de Bras-Panon 2023

Program of culinary events at the Foire de Bras-Panon 2023

Buy your tickets in advance

This year you have the possibility to buy your tickets directly online.

Click here to buy your tickets

You can stroll around the fair at leisure to discover the local products of Réunion. Fresh products, jams, honeys, “péi” cakes… Craftsmanship, know-how and home-made are very present at the Bras-Panon Fair. Discover farmers, breeders, craftsmen and traders over the stands. The Bras-Panon fair is also a carnival as well as many concerts, as mentioned above. last year nearly 50 artists performed over the 10 days.

The traditional Bras-Panon Fair 2023 is organized by the Municipality of Bras-Panon, it represents the biggest demonstration of the Reunionese agricultural world. A call for applications is in progress, concerning those who wish to exhibit at the fair, click here to see the call for applications.

This unmissable event is of course the opportunity to discover farm animals, an organic garden, a farmers' market and péi products, but it is also during 15 days of many animations, concerts, competitions, conferences and others. demonstrations at the Agricultural Fair.

To discover while waiting for the Agricultural Fair of Bras-Panon

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