Forest roads order

Prefectural decree concerning traffic regulations on forest roads open to public traffic. click to see the order

06 february 31 March 2023

Paniandy interchange, Bras-Panon

  • Bras-Panon
To allow development work on the insertion ramps, restrictions are to be planned in several phases until March 31 inclusive on the RN2 at Bras-Panon at the level of the Paniandy interchange. Traffic will be prohibited on the lane providing access to the Northbound slip road. A diversion will be set up by the interchange…

Le 19 June 2023

Salazie road traffic

  • Salazia
Following the meeting organized in the Town Hall of Salazie with the Department of La Réunion, the various actors, the citizen collective and the Salazians, it was decided that the circulation of the RD 48 "Route de Salazie", from PR 7+000 to PR 8+500 will now be done with a traffic light for…

15 March 15 May 2023

Bras Panon: work on the RN2

  • Bras-Panon
On the RN2 at Bras Panon, to allow the continuation of the development works of the Paniandy interchange, the exit and insertion ramps in the East/North direction will be closed to traffic permanently from today. Wednesday, March 15 at 5 a.m. This work is planned for a period of 7…

Le 07 May 2023

Salazie, road closure

  • Salazia
The RD52 will be exceptionally closed this Sunday, May 7, 2023 from 07:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. for the Course de Côte Nationale de Salazie. The RD52 will be closed by decree between the Pont Fleurs Jaunes and Grand Ilet. No out-of-competition vehicle will be allowed to circulate during this period on this portion. Convoys...

20 July 31 August 2023

No swimming

  • St. Benedict
The Municipality of Saint-Benoît informs you that swimming is prohibited in two of the basins of its territory. Following the last check by the ARS, swimming in the Bassin Mangue and the Bassin de l'îlet de Bethléem is prohibited until further notice.

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