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Berges de la Rivière des Roches à Bras-Panon

The banks of the Rivière des Roches in Bras-Panon is an ideal place to breathe the sea air of the Indian Ocean. This walk is easy and can be done quietly with the family. Children will enjoy a large space to let off steam.


round trip

path - track

Children, Seniors

There is no difference in height, which can make it a good walk after a day's work or for an aperitif hike, for example.
In addition, the alley of palm trees is a great spot to take beautiful photos.

Banks of the Rivière des Roches in Bras-Panon

Distance: 4,0 km

Step 1: Departure

Go to the parking lot next to the football field under the feet of badamier

Départ de la balade des berges de Bras-Panon

Step 2

Take the path along the coast at the end of the car park

sentier le long de la côte - balade aux berges de Bras-Panon

Step 3

You will have to cross an alley, then, after a raft, continue for a few meters and take a turn to the right on the small path which is closest to the sea.

petit pont aux berges de Bras-Panon - balade

Step 4

Crisscross this path until you arrive at the mouth which gives a small black sand beach at km 2

Plage de sable noire à Bras-Panon

Step 5

Do the route in the opposite direction, but taking the parallel path a few meters away to appreciate the shade of the undergrowth and the palm trees.

Sentier le long de la côte à Bras-panon - à l'ombre des arbres

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