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Rando chambre magmatique au départ de Fleurs Jaunes à Salazie

This beautiful hike, of an average level, is excellent for admiring the diversity of the landscapes of Salazie.


Round trip

path - Track

Children, Seniors

Magmatic chamber hike from Fleurs Jaunes to Salazie

Distance: 8,5 km

Step 1: Departure

You can park near the picnic area next to the Yellow Flowers River Bridge.
Take the track towards Piton d'Anchain.

Step 2

After having traveled 800m of track, take the bend on your left towards the path which crosses a stream. You will stay there until 1,6km which will catch up with the track on a climb.

Début de sentier à Salazie

Step 3

Continuing this track, you will turn right at the next intersection, there is a barrier for cars, this takes you to the village of Mare d'Affouches.
From this village, you have 2 points of view. One on the Piton d'Anchain and the other on the Salazie waterfalls, such as the Veil de la Marie for example.

Step 4

Leave the hamlet by taking the fairly steep track to the river, to discover the magmatic chamber, which, moreover, is a property listed as a World Heritage Site, which is located under the bridge.
This site allows you to discover the unique open-air magma chamber.

If it is raining, it is not recommended to go below the bridge and around the cliff.

Step 5

After exploring the river, you can turn around. You will turn right after the citrus sing. The trail is at the foot of Piton d'Anchain.
For the return, return to the path then turn right, towards the starting point, Fleurs Jaunes.

Vue sur le Piton d'Anchaing, randonnée chambre magmatique au départ de fleur jaune à Salazie

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