The municipalities of the East of Reunion. The East of Reunion is made up of 6 municipalities. In alphabetical order, Bras-Panon, La Plaine des Palmistes, Saint-André, Saint-Benoît, Sainte-Rose and Salazie.

In each of these municipalities you will find activities to do, accommodation to restaurants authentic to the Eastern region. For example makeTree Climbing park to the Plaine des Palmistes, come to the great agricultural fair of Bras-Panon, spending time at Parc du Colossus in Saint-André, bask in Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose, visit the Creole huts in Hell-Bourg, Salazie or do Rafting in Saint-Benoit.

As you will have understood, the East of Reunion offers you a multitude of things to do to occupy your free time with family, friends, as a couple and even alone.

Identity card of the East of Reunion

  • District: Saint-Benoît, sub-prefecture of Reunion
  • Area: 73 hectares
  • Population: 124 inhabitants (652% of the island's population)
  • Municipalities: 6

The eastern region of Réunion is located on the Côte au Vent between Saint-André and Sainte-Rose and extends to the foothills of Piton des Neiges. It includes in particular on its territory exceptional natural treasures like the circus of Salazie, the primary forest of Bébour or the valley of Takamaka. The Saint-Benoît sub-prefecture forms the 2nd largest municipality in the department. Territory still essentially rural, it has nevertheless developed in certain sectors. The town of Saint-André benefits from its proximity to the North and has developed a lot in recent years. However, the cane fields still cover large areas on the coast and the mid-slopes of these municipalities, as well as in Bras-Panon or Sainte-Rose. The sun associated with the humid climate of the region is conducive to the cultivation of fruits, in particular bananas, lychees, mangoes, vanilla... The Cirque de Salazie offers exceptional nature and landscapes at the heart of Reunion's heritage and culture. , such as the municipality of Plaine des Palmistes. The East region as a whole offers an authentic and still very preserved face.

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