La Plaine-des-Palmistes, 20 minutes by car from Saint-Benoît, is a haven of peace in the east of Reunion. The town is located on the only cross-road of the island, which makes it possible to join the North to the South when the Coastal Road is closed. Taking this winding road is already a change of scenery, as you go up into the heights.

The Palmist Plain

Haven of sweetness, heart of an authentic and friendly Reunion

The commune of La Plaine, located about 1 meters above sea level, covers 000 hectares. You can still feel the beating heart of an authentic and friendly Reunion. Moreover, the Plaine-des-Palmistes is the least inhabited municipality of the island of Reunion, with 8 inhabitants listed in 400.

You will certainly be told that it rains a lot at the Plaine-des-Palmistes, and this reputation is not usurped. But it is also what makes it a plateau of incomparable botanical richness. There are flowers and trees absolutely everywhere! The city is also home to a wide variety of farms. Among the emblematic péi products, we find the famous cheese of the plains.

Many tourist attractions

The Plaine-des-Palmistes also has many tourist attractions. On their own, the ramparts delimiting the territory to the North and South-East offer grandiose landscapes with in particular the very busy Biberon waterfall, served from the National Road by a path winding through endemic vegetation and several small streams.

Town Hall of the Plaines des Palmistes

The history of the commune of Plaine-des-Palmistes

The former parish of Sainte-Agathe, which was originally a district of St. Benedict, officially became a municipality in 1899. The first inhabitants of Plaine-des-Palmistes, who arrived after the abolition of slavery in 1848, were penniless “little whites”. They exiled themselves there with their colored companions, which is at the origin of the specific ethnic mix of the Hauts.

The town then became a “change of air” resort for wealthy families from the east coast, who went there during the austral summer. Thanks to the coolness of the heights, the Plain was a refuge against malaria, preserved from the mosquitoes which had invaded the lowlands of the coast.

Learn more about its history

Center of tea culture in the 60s, “la Plaine” is also an authentic village of artists. Writers, poets, musicians, find there a place conducive to creation. It is true that calm lends itself to this. The town has a real poetic tradition with ancestors like Marc-Henri Pinot or Guy Agénor.

La Pandanaie at the Plaines des Palmistes - Vegetation and pinpin

The Plaine-des-Palmistes is for you if

  • you want to recharge your batteries and disconnect in the freshness of the heights
  • you like evenings by the fire
  • you are a fan of walks in the forest
  • you like the small colorful huts and the “mountain chalet” atmosphere
  • you want to pick guava trees and taste them, directly on the vine
  • you want to discover local crafts

Some unmissable things to do in Plaine-des-Palmistes

Domaine des Tourelles à la Plaine des Palmistes


Visit the Domaine des Tourelles

This magnificent Creole house, located close to the National Park House, is a must to visit during your stay at Plaine-des-Palmistes. The building, built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, is now a place for the promotion of local crafts.

Goyaviers, Plaine des Palmistes


Pick guava trees at Verger Delâtre

This is an ideal outing idea for food lovers, to do with family or friends, during the guava season from April to August. If you are a fan of these tangy little red fruits, don't miss the Goyaviers Festival, organized every year at the Plaine-des-Palmistes.

Homme sur un cheval lors d'une balade au Grabd-Étang à Saint-Benoît


Walk in the forest, on foot or on horseback, with a local guide.

Discover the richness of the natural and cultural heritage of the Plaine-des-Palmistes. Luco Sautron thus makes you discover the Piton des Songes or the forest of Bélouve during storytelling walks. François Garçonnet takes you on a discovery of the waterfalls or the pandanaie on his Irish Cobs.

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