Rendezvous with art and religion in this atypical place steeped in history

The Church of Sainte-Anne, a listed monument

The magnificent St. Anne's Church, a true architectural masterpiece, reminiscent of the Baroque style of European cathedrals with its moldings and cement gargoyles. Registered on the list of historical monuments for the small adjoining Sainte-Thérèse chapel, it is the pride of its commune. It is located in the district of Saint Anne, south of the city of St. Benedict, in the east of the island. Whether Sainte-Anne radiates thanks to its history, its environment and its inhabitants, its church alone is worth the detour.

Church of Sainte-Anne in Saint-Benoît archive image

A place full of history

It was in 1857 that the first walls of this Catholic Church. It was first thanks to Monsignor Desprez and Abbé Cornet that this historic construction took shape. It will take several years to complete this laborious but edifying work.

THESainte-Anne church that we know today has nothing to do with that of the time because it is later that it will take on its true value. After his arrival in 1922, the Strasbourg priest, Father Daubenberger, undertook renovation work on the church with the voluntary help of some inhabitants of Sainte-Anne, but also with that of the "Congregation of the Daughters of Mary" which brought together young girls and children in catechism.

Church of Sainte-Anne - Baroque style - Reunion Island

A church that inspires

This sumptuous building is a true architectural masterpiece. It is noticeable from afar by its high bell tower dominating the surroundings, its original colors and the surprising reliefs given to it by the moldings. It is unique because it presents a double style which mixes Gaudian art by the detail of its moldings and Baroque art by its beams and its shape. You can admire the extent of the work provided and the meticulousness of the details of the facade made with very thin penknives to obtain fine and delicate moldings. Father Daubenberger himself sculpted with a knife and painted certain mouldings. It was also he who taught the children how to make the amazing world maps that adorn the altar.

Interior of the Church of Sainte-Anne in Saint-Benoît

Inside, we find the Sainte-Therese Chapel , which is actually listed as a historical monument, in bright colors like its sky blue vault which deifies the place. The altar is decorated with religious scenes, marble and gilding that can be admired on each side of it.

This multifaceted holy place can hold many surprises for lovers of art and architecture, and it will captivate more than one with its beauty, its originality and the harmony of its colors. She has already proven it with the director François Truffaut who chooses the Sainte-Anne church to carry out the scene of the marriage of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Deneuve in the filming of the film "The Mermaid of the Mississippi" in 1969.

Church of Sainte-Anne in Saint-Benoît

In 2011, theSt. Anne's Church found the sound of its bells which, for years, had sunk in silence. Thus, you can now hear the music of this church resonating in the heart of the district of Sainte-Anne.

Pour s'y rendre

Just take the national road towards Sainte-Anne.
Impossible then to miss it from the road!

After this visit, continuing on the main road just 3 minutes from the church, you can enjoy a short relaxing break or a picnic by the famous Blue Basin. Finally, continue towards the South-East to discover the suspension bridge of the river of the East, theCascades Cove and Laves route.

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