The Pandanaie is an exceptional natural space. A marshy area, it is home to endemic species, both fauna and flora. She is also very fragile so it's time to come and discover her...

La Pandanaie at the Plaines des Palmistes - Vegetation and pinpin

The Pandanaie des Hauts

Located on the plains road between the Plain of the Palmists and St. Benedict, Pandanaie is home to lush vegetation dominated by the Pimpin des Hauts (Pandanus montanus), a species endemic to Reunion Island. It is a privileged place for observing and studying the diversity of environments and species. Nearly 60% of all orchids on the island can be observed there. More than 80 species of ferns, trees and shrubs make up the environment. One in five species is endemic to Reunion Island.

The Pandanaie at the Plaine des Palmistes

A fragile and threatened heritage today

The Pandanaie in Pimpin represents an exceptional natural heritage. However, like most natural environments on the island, they are fragile and vulnerable.

Pinpin at La Pandanaie

At the heart of a mosaic, remarkable environments

While traversing the Pandanaie at Pimpin from the heights of the Plaine des Palmistes, one observes many other natural environments in contact: vast carpet of ferns, small forests on peaks, small colonies of marsh grasses... Consequently, each of the environments of this mosaic is different and consists of a particular flora. These environments are rare and remarkable, such as the Machaerinaie at Osmonde royale. Attention it is inaccurate to consider that the natural space constituted by these different environments corresponds to the Pandanaie. The Pandanaie is only the thickets dominated by the Pimpin of the heights.

Red and white flowers The pandanaie at the plains of palm trees

So many species, sometimes extremely rare, in so little space

The Pandanaie contains an astonishing number of plants. Nearly 60% of all the orchids on the island can be seen there. More than 80 species of ferns, trees and shrubs make up the environment. In addition, one in five species is endemic to Reunion. This is perfect for many small animals: birds, insects, butterflies but also and above all the green lizard from the highlands which appreciates the nectar of Pimpin's flowers.

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