Se disconnect in the forestis walk on the trails, make a descent Rafting or canyoning, visit the remarkable natural or historical sites, taste good local products... You will find on this page the essentials of the East of Reunion.

France is a great country, especially for the diversity of its regions, the different patois and its culinary diversity. This makes our country a world exception. Reunion Island also has an equally incredible diversity. It is human, we are Catholics, Tamils, Muslims…, it is historical depending on the regions of the island as well. The East of Reunion offers us a multitude of must-sees not to be missed.

Discover the must-sees of the East

Discover below the different must-see attractions in Eastern Reunion. What is a must-have? According to the dictionary, it is what cannot be circumvented, avoided, which must be taken into account, or what must have been seen... So set off to discover the Folio House in Salazie, from theAnse of the waterfalls of Sainte-Rose, of Snape des Neiges of Saint-Benoît, of the Bois Rouge candy in Saint-André, from the pandanai at the Plaine des Palmistes or theEden at Bras-Panon.

The advantage in the East of Reunion is that there is something for everyone. Natural or architectural must-sees, you will have plenty to visit throughout your stay in our region.

The must-sees of eastern Reunion are the starting point for your excursion in our region. We offer you articles, tips, topitos, tips and lots of great tips to discover. Click here to reach our home page.

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Bras-Panon, Saint-André, Saint-Benoît, Sainte-Rose, La Plaine des Palmistes and Salazie.

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View of Saint-André from Dioré

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