Our quality commitments
Our underkaters,
in terms of Quality

Our Tourist Office is committed to a quality approach to reception and information.
Our Tourist Information Office has opted for a Quality Chart as regards bith the way you are being welcomed, and the information you are handed out

The objective of this approach is to constantly improve the satisfaction of our visitors.
The main objective of this Chart aims at constantly improving on the degree of satisfaction of out visitors

In particular, we undertake to:
We therefore undertake to take the following steps of actions:

• Improve the approach, reception on site, by telephone and by mail.
• Improvement on the approach to requests made, on the reception at the main desk, be that by phone or by post.

• Improve the management and provision of tourist information.
• Improved way of managing and putting at our visitor's disposal the tourist's information and data.

• Regularly train our staff to improve their skills
• Regular and on-going staff training, as well as to improve on their skills and competencies.

• Measure the satisfaction of our visitors and take their expectations into account.
• Assessment of the level of satisfaction for our visitors, and taking into account their expectations.

• Satisfaction questionnaires and suggestion sheets are available in self-service.
• Help yourself to the questionnaire of satisfaction, together with “make a suggestion” card that are put at your disposal.

• Be kind enough to fill them in to help us in our continuous improvement process
• It would be kind of you to spare a couple of minutes of your time to fill them in. This will help us in our policy of on-going improvement of our services to you.

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