Welcome to the East of Reunion!

Team of the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the East jumping

Here, the team of the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the East has joined tourism professionals since 2012 so that the destination reveals all its authenticity and know-how.

Common goals

The Tourist Office wants to get involved with you, the professionals of the territory, to transform together simple visits into real stays. This win-win partnership will be the mark of our collective ability to meet the challenges of competition, to maintain our essential market shares.

We give professionals the means to strengthen their relationships and produce human experiences!

We want to keep our visitors and create even more interactions between restaurateurs, hosts and activities. It is for you that the employees of the Tourist Office have imagined new services, new opportunities to be developed together around common values ​​which are the quality and concern for the preservation of our identity.

The East, lands of “meaning”

Our territory is a breeding ground for experiences that enrich the soul by experimenting with Creole traditions, nature in its “raw” state, intense activities, respectful of the environment and diversified, for sustainable tourism.

We invite you to get to know the team by by clicking here !

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