The waterfalls and basins of theEast of Reunion. The topography and the relief of Reunion mean that the island is full of basins and waterfalls, all as impressive as each other. Basins, waterfalls, natural swimming pools, all compete in beauty.

These basins and waterfalls are most of the time located in the heart of a luxuriant nature, which, moreover, is a characteristic of the East of Reunion. Sometimes you will have to walk a bit to get there. That said, some are near the coast. It is important to specify that it can be dangerous to swim there and that it is important to inquire beforehand or to read the warning signs present.

What is the most beautiful waterfall of the meeting?

The white waterfall Salazia is the pride of the people of Reunion. It is in the top 3 of the highest waterfalls in France. In addition, it is easily observable from the Salazie road.

What is the highest waterfall in the meeting?

The Trou de fer is the highest waterfall in France but it is also ranked among the highest in the world with a height of 725 meters.

Here is a selection of some basins and waterfalls ofEast of Reunion.

The waterfalls and basins of eastern Reunion recommendations

However, it is important to emphasize that one must be careful. Most pools are prohibited for swimming and it is prudent not to approach the waterfalls because of possible rock falls. Everything is related to the weather. If it has rained or if it is raining the water can arrive suddenly and do damage. It is therefore important to pay attention and stay informed.

Check the weather regularly, whether for hiking, swimming or all outdoor activities in the east of Reunion.

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