Just with the name… and we headed off to exotic, even phantasmagorical lands, where fantastic creatures await us to lead us into their universe.
In fact, we are almost there. With 80% of biodiversity preserved and very strong endemism, there is every chance of discovering an unknown environment before crossing the Col de Bébour.

Baby? Belouve?

This forest is often associated with that of Bébour precisely. So much so that, when I was little, my parents took me to the “bébourbélouve” forest! all glued. The explanation is that the 2 are only separated by a hillside, which you can't even guess if you are not a little aware. Over time, you notice the differences, but that's another story!

For me, it remains the place of all possibilities …

For me, it remains the place of all possibilities: the wolves, the bears, the “naughty gentlemen” who came to hide treasures, the “people of the forest” who lived in the forest and who watched us without ever being seen, … Sunday picnics turned into an “escape game” when, after the meal, we were allowed to get away from the grown-ups a bit. We returned to the race, attentive to the paths taken on the outward journey, convinced of being pursued by some monsters or other ogres...

The 4th circus of Reunion

With time and reason, I now know that Bébour/Bélouve is even more extraordinary than that. Indeed, it is about the 4th circus which results from the collapse of the magmatic room of the Peak of the Snows.
The Cirque des Marsouins could have completed the club with Mafate, Cilaos et Salazia. But our good old Piton didn't stop spitting and filled the Cirque des Marsouins. In successive layers, like a good dish of lasagna. By leaving us this superb sponge forest which offers a solid setting for the vegetation, and for the little beasts, who have had the good fortune to settle there. And you can walk there easily through the many kilometers of path towards the Piton Bebour, Swallows basin, and all the other wonders of this enchanted forest.

And at the very end of the road, the enchantment continues with a cozy little lodge where the fireplace rarely goes out and where a good smell of carri welcomes visitors. But above all, with the view of the Cirque de Salazie which opens up at our feet. The old Piton watches on the left. Anchain stands proudly in the middle. The ilets try to last on the high plateaus. And opposite, the crest of the Roche Ecrite towards the east coast stands out against the sky. With everything I've just told you, do you still want to go elsewhere?


Piton d'Anchaing

Village of Hell-Bourg, Salazie in the foreground.

In short

  • Ideal for forest walks.
  • A place conducive to escape.
  • Nice picnic spots.

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