The Parc du Colosse in Saint-André is a large leisure area in Saint-André. It is equipped with many infrastructures for young and old. Skate-park, basketball/football field, playgrounds for children, many kiosks, water jets, large green expanses.

For the record, the park takes its name from an old sugar factory that once stood on the site and was known as the “Colossus Factory”.

Person on a scooter in the skate park of the Parc du Colosse and water games

The Colossus Park

The Parc du Colosse, located by the sea, offers shaded areas to shelter from the sun. However, we advise you to book your pitch early in the morning, to be sure of being in the ideal place. In addition to the playgrounds, the water games and the skate park, you can, as a family or as a couple, schedule an outing.

Everything for children at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André

You will find below a sample of photos of the different games offered by the Parc du Colosse. From the smallest (the water games) to the largest (the basketball court and the skate park), everyone can have a good time there.

Parc du Colosse, picnic spot

Parc du Colosse is also an ideal place for family picnics, with its landscaped areas where you can share convivial moments while soaking up the surrounding magic.

Zumba trainer at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André
Lil' Mak 974

Giant Zumbas at Parc du Colosse

Zumba is a type of physical exercise that combines Latin dance moves with cardiovascular training.
Rodérick, a state-certified coach, offers giant zumbas in the park, as well as fitness classes, group or individual coaching.

Restoration at Parc du Colosse

It is now possible to eat and eat well at the Parc du Colosse, and the least we can say is that there is a choice. Between burgers, homemade pizza, elaborate tapas, waffles, etc. You will be spoiled for choice.
Here is a small presentation of these restaurants, with a link to their facebook page.

Hamburger menu from Ô Bistrot du Colosse at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André
O bistro of the Colossus

Ô Bistrot du Colosse, at Parc du Colosse

Ô bistrot du Colosse offers plates and boards to share. Cocktails, wines, draft beers…

Davy Pizza at Colossus Park

Quality pizzeria and snacks. Vice French champion of pizza

Pizza out of the oven from Davy Pizza at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André
David Pizza
A curry on a banana leaf from Ti Van at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André
Ti van

Ti Van at Colossus Park

Creole restaurant at Parc du Colosse to take away or at the food court, possibility to eat in the fig leaf van.

Dailly's Burger at Parc du Colosse

From March 1, you have the opportunity to compose your menu, collect your wicker basket and enjoy our burgers in peace in the Parc du Colosse.

Hamburger menu from Daili's burger at Parc du Colosse in Saint-André
Daili's Burger

Whether for nature lovers, adventurers looking for new experiences or families looking for a place to relax, the Parc du Colosse in Saint-André is an unmissable destination that leaves an unforgettable impression in the hearts of all those who visit it.

Useful information

The Park is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. and Monday from 12:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m.

Park with children and parents in Sainte-Andrée

temple of the colossus in Saint-Andrée - Hindu Temple

Little tip +
As long as you are in Saint-André, you can visit a hindu temple with a guide who will reveal all the secrets of this rich and colorful cult.

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