Also called the “Côte au Vent”, the east coast of Reunion offers a landscape made of lush vegetation and sharp coasts that give a feeling of freedom when you walk there.

As with most remarkable sites on Reunion Island, the east coast is varied. You will find many picnic spots, rest, parks, such as the famous Colossus park in Saint-André, banks, like that of Bras-Panon, Marines, ports etc.
Choose a place and breathe in the sea air for a moment with family, friends, as a couple and even in solo meditation.

This coastal path crosses several municipalities of Saint-André, Via Bras-Panon, St. Benedict to Sainte-rose.

You can walk there, play sports and picnic. It is a space of freedom and reverie facing theIndian Ocean.

Here are some places conducive to getting away from it all on the eastern coast of Reunion.

The section below offers you more information on the towns on the east coast of Reunion. As well as an article suggesting that you make the most of your “coastal moments”, as well as breathe the sea air.

The coastline on Reunion Island

One of the many characteristics of Reunion Island is its environmental diversity. If you are in the south of the island (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Leu) or in the west of the island (Saint-Gilles), the coastline will mainly consist of beaches and ports.
The north of Reunion Island offers a more historical view with the “Barachois” in Saint-Denis or the Sainte-Suzanne lighthouse.
The wild south (like Saint-Philippe) and the east of Reunion offer a coastline conducive to getting away from it all.

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